Czech Republic: Dolni Vitkovice in Ostrava

Dolni Vitcovice (or Lower Vitcovice) is a massive industrial site of coal mining and metalworks standing as a rusting remnants of the city’s industrial past. This was one of the largest such sites in Europe and it’s now a UNESCO World Heritage candidate. Coal mine, coke ovens, blast furnaces – the entire cycle happened here. In 1998, after two centuries of production, iron-smelting stopped here and it was decided to preserve the sprawling complex as an industrialization monument for future generations. It is by far the biggest (and weirdest) attractions in town – people come here to stroll underneath the rusting metal giants and have a coffee at sunset with a surreal apocalyptic view. Walking around this city of steel frozen in time when Terminator was still young, I felt that either Transformers will show up from all this metal mess or alternatively Resident Evil sequel would relaunch and Miles will come with guns blazing.