Czech Republic: Ostrava

Ostrava doesn’t usually get a mention in tourist guides or lists of must-see attractions in the Czech Republic. Which is a shame! A former industrial capital of the country with massive coal and metal industries, it is now a nice city (the third largest in the country) with beautiful squares and many historic buildings and attractions. The atmospheric central Masaryk Square has several baroque buildings housing the Ostrava Museum as well as a St Florian statue and a plaque column in the middle. Further away and around the town are the Ostrava Theater, Silesian Castle, Ostrava Cathedral, many churches, and the New Cityhall (the tallest cityhall in the country with an observation tower 73m/240ft high offering a panorama of the city – everywhere on the horizon you can see the industrial past of Ostrava with pipes and factories). And one of the most amazing attractions was a building with a graffiti painting of a girl’s face – should be the symbol of Ostrava in my opinion.