Estonia: Tallinn – City Walls & Panoramic Viewpoints

Tallinn is an absolute fairytale town of medieval fortification (and deservedly a UNESCO World Heritage site). One of the elements of the old town that gives it a medieval look is the system of walls and towers, constructed between 12-14th centuries. At its heyday, Tallinn had 46 defensive towers, the walls 14-16m high, and a total length of 2.4km. Nearly half of this remains to this day – 20 towers are still standing proudly in all their medieval glory! The most iconic views of the entire panorama of Tallinn Old City can be had from three spots – Patkuli Viewing Platform, Kontuotsa Viewing Platform, and Helleman Town Wall Walkway. Tallinn is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe, a former member of the Hanseatic league.