Ethiopia: Southern Nations – Dancing with Dasanech People

Having walked all around the circular Dasanech village and having photographed happy and smiling people, my local tribal guide asked me if I wanted to see the tribal dance. I excitedly said yes – I was the only tourist visiting the village at the time. All the tribe’s men and all the women came out into the center of the community – a sandy and dusty opening away from the half-domed huts. Men stood in line on one side and women on the other. Then men started moving and jumping in circle and then women rushed into the circle and started jumping too. A minute or two and everything stopped – and men and women separated again. Then the whole dance repeated itself – over and over – with the intensity of jumps and shouting going up and up and up with each round. And so it went on and on – a wave after wave of jumping and shaking – more bouncing boobs than in Ibiza lol. Eventually, it was time for me to go, but the Dasanech tribe continued dancing, completely oblivious to my presence and departure – it was party time! The best experience in Omo Valley by far!