French Polynesia/Bora Bora: Bloody Mary’s Restaurant

This restaurant is somewhat of a legend on Bora Bora since almost every celebrity, movie star, or anybody famous that visits the island comes here. And that is where the attraction ends. The place is awful! Perhaps the sand floor and coconut tree stump chairs have some appeal but the food is pretty bad and unimaginative, grossly overpriced, and the patrons are just flashy fakes dropping cash in front of their significant others. The service was crap, and even the signature Bloody Mary cocktail came from just a big prefab jar and without any condiments. Add in mosquitos, and insane Bora Bora prices (about 6-10 times what you pay any other place on another island), and you just keep wondering how the owners and staff are laughing their asses off to the bank at American and Japanese tourists who make the bulk of the clientele. No celebrity sightings, but the list outside the entrance is quite interesting – from Megan Fox, Pamela Anderson, and Paris Hilton to John McCain, Prince Rainier, and Warren Buffet.