Germany: Chanterelle Hunting in the Thuringian Forest

Wild mushroom hunting at its best in the Thuringian Forest. This time it’s season for chanterelles, a top choice edible mushroom. Almost impossible to confuse with any other mushrooms, chanterelles have a distinctive appearance with funnel-shaped caps and bright orange or yellow, wavy, irregularly-shaped caps. Chanterelles usually come in large numbers and are fun to pick. Chanterelles are highly prized for their excellent flavor, often described as mild, fruity, and peppery taste with firm and meaty texture. They can be eaten in a variety of ways – from nearly raw and just slightly grilled, to well-roasted, they can be dried and rehydrated, marinated, and so on. French go nuts about chanterelles, and it’s one of the most popular mushrooms in Germany. Incredible flavor compared to the regular store champignon which rather like rubber and have no flavor. Especially when you pick and cook everything yourself!