Germany: Scooter God Save The Rave Tour in Hannover

Yes I am a Scooter fan! While most probably never heard of them, this is actually the most successful German music act of all times, having sold over 35 million records with 21 studio albums. Back in 1993, Scooter basically invented the electronic uptempo happy hardcore style and continued over the years at the forefront of electronic dance music with hardstyle, rave, jumpstyle, and back to rave. I’ve seen Scooter live multiple times, especially in 2011 when they filled the massive Hamburg stadium with 50k people for the Stadium Techno Inferno. After two years of COVID-lockdown, Scooter is back with an all-European “God Save The Rave Tour” – an ultimate visual and audible techno experience with the sound, show, dancers, pyrotechnics and all of the above. And we had the absolute from row (literally in front of Scooter yelling on the stage) tickets, with thousands raving behind. Insane! All the major hits got played – Fuck 2020, Friends, Weekend, Hyper Hyper, Jigga Jigga, The Logical Song, Fire (with a lot of pyrotechnics), Always Hardcore, Paul is Dead, God Save The Rave, We Love Hardcore, and much more, including instrumentals. And of course – How Much is the Fish and Maria I Like It Loud!