Germany: Thuringian Food Recap

Thuringian cuisine could be very well described with just one legendary dish – Thuringer Bratwurst – nowhere else in Germany are you going to eat this much grilled sausuge, and ask for more – it’s absolutely delicious. Supposedly, the first time Thuringer Bratwurst was mentioned in 1404 in Arnstadt and the first recipe was recorded in 1613. Today, it is protected by European law just like champagne or cognac – the true Thuringer Bratwurst must have 51% of its ingredients come from Thuringia. The sausages are raw before being grilled on a open fire (and according to German minced meat law, they have to be consumed the same day of preparation). In Thuringia, you can get them everywhere – in restaurants or just in the streets and they are absolutely surreally delicious. Especially, if you grill then yourself. Other Thuringian food worse mentioning are the Thüringer Klöße (giant potato dumplings), Thüringer Rostbrätel (pork chop marinated in beer and grilled), and Thuringer Rinderrouladen (beef pounded thin and rolled with bacon). Overall, Thuringia is definitely a hard place to be a vegetarian.