Ireland: Dublin – Guinness Brewery

I am not a big fan of Guinness Draught, it looks and taste somewhat like the Mexican mole sauce – rich, semi sweet and burnt, unappetizing and not-appealing. But millions love it and so here we are. The Guinness Brewery aka St. James’s Gate Brewery was founded in Dublin in 1759. The visitor center, known as the Guinness Storehouse now gets over a million visitors per year. Here, you get to learn about the process of brewing the famous Irish stout, including the roasting the hops at 242 degrees heat to basically char them. Another important aspect is the infusion with nitrogen to make for a characteristic Guinness head. When you are done with learning about all this, you head to the top floor and go nuts tasting the heady foamy dark stuff with panoramic views over the entire brewery complex and beyond.