Hungary: More Tokaj Wine Tasting

Located right in the center of the town of Tokaj (itself the capital of the wine region), the Hetszolo Winery is the oldest winery here and its cellar is the place of legends. In fact, it was here in 1526 that the Hungarian king Janos was elected king by elders (apparently this sort of elections happen to go well and smooth after good wine and the confinement of a wine cellar – well, that and the fact that the would-be king was a local oligarch and bought all the votes). Once again, you descend into a deep and moldy cavern full of wine barrels and sample some of the best Tokaj in the world – Furmint, Yellow Moskatel, Late Harvest, Forditas (which reuses the aszu berries, so it’s like a less expensive version of pure aszú), Szamorodni, and finally a 5x Aszu. Wow!