Ibiza: Cafe Del Mar ’22

Cafe del Mar is an iconic bar on the northwest side of the island of Ibiza in the town of San Antoni. The bar was established in 1980 and crowds would gather here to watch the sunset and then a DJ would start playing very mellow chillout music. This resulted in a cult following and Cafe del Mar record label and a CD-series was born. Not much changed since (except CDs are long gone) – sunsets are as spectacular as ever, and no name DJs play soft melodic piano-ish tunes. Don’t expect a great cafe or restaurant with awesome food – it isn’t. It’s just a cosy waterfront bar with awesome drinks and views. Cafe Del Mar is truly and undeniably iconic and classic Ibiza, and you must take a break from all the clubs and parties at least once, relax, chill, hear the piano rifts of Robert Miles’ “Children” and enjoy the sunset. Because life is too short!