Ibiza: Hi Ibiza – Future Rave – David Guetta vs Morten

And the third and final part of the Future Rave at Hi Ibiza, the show’s host and the creators of the style of future rave – David Guetta and Morten. Morten invented the sound in late 2019 and David Guetta embraced and enhanced it. They teamed up back in 2020 and created an arguably new style that they branded “future rave”. The music had distinct elements of big room EDM from 2010s, vocal trance, but also a layer of heavy synths and massive drops and sounds from the heydays of rave music in the late 1990s, more mature and darker and more beautiful sound all together. The first couple of tracks were hugely successful and propelled David Guetta back to #1 deejay spot in the world in 2021. By the spring of this year, future rave entered the playlist of many top deejays, and this summer Ibiza was pretty much all about future rave in every set in the mainstream clubs. And here they were – David Guetta and Morten – playing together B2B at the world’s best club, Hi Ibiza, bringing out the explosion of pure future rave.