Inaccessible Island: Inaccessible Finch & Tristan Thrush

Inaccessible Island also had a couple super endemic birds found nowhere else in the world – Inaccessible Island Finch (Nesospiza acunhae) and Tristan Thrush (Turdus eremita). Both are small, sparrow-sized and unremarkable, but for birders, seeing one is worth it’s puny weight in diamonds! This finch is a small yellowish bird, a species closely related to the Darwin’s finches found on the Galápagos Islands. Finch is on average only cm (5.5 inches) long and has a distinctive beak adapted for its feeding habits on the Inaccessible Island (hence Darwin’a theory of evolution). The Tristan Thrush is slightly bigger at about 25 cm (10 inches), brownish in color. We saw many finishes on the beach rocks, while the thrushes were on coastal seastacks and higher off the ground.