Inaccessible Island: Zodiac Cruising

Inaccessible Island turned out to be not so inaccessible after all – the weather miraculously cleared up and we got a fantastic opportunity to zodiac cruise around the island, just feet from the shoreline and waterfalls falling down the vertical cliffs seemingly everywhere. Inaccessible island lies 45km south from Tristan da Cunha and is uninhabited. Like the other islands in the archipelago, the island is of volcanic origin and is characterized by rugged terrain, steep cliffs, and rocky slopes, with the tallest peak, Cairn Peak, rising to an elevation of about 449 m (1,473 ft). The island is a UNESCO World Heritage site and off limits to landing without permits anyway. The storm that passed ahead of us poured tons of rain intro the island and it was all coming down now in dozens and dozens of waterfalls – absolutely stunning!