India: Kanha NP – In Search of Tigers

Kanha National Park is massive and being bigger then Pench and Rathambore (Kanha is 550sq km) is considered the world’s premier tiger reserve. Tiger protection is top-notch here: 3/4 of the reserve are off limits to any visitors, the rest is control with permits for only a couple dozen safari vehicles per day on two drives. The park is completely closed for 4 months per year. Combine this with the fact that Kanha is not that easy to get to – you need to fly to 1.5 hours from Delhi or Mumbai and then drive for 6 whopping hours – and it’s the reason tigers thrive here. There are about 80 tigers in the park, and on the very first drive we came across a 7-year old female, one of the most active tigers. She interacted with cars, crossed the roads multiple times and was constantly on the move making for perfect shots!