Italy: Florence – Galleria dell‘Accademia & Michelangelo’s David

Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze, aka Gallery of the Academy of Florence, is mostly about one thing – Michelangelo’s David. The marble sculpture, created by Michelangelo in 1501-04, proudly stands in the center of the museum after a long hall that houses three other unfinished sculptures by the artist. David is massive and you can walk all around it. Interestingly, the body proportions are kind of warped, as hands and head are clearly oversized (apparently it was intended this way since the statue was supposed to stand on a high ground and certain elements were blown up by Michelangelo to be more visible – unlike the genitals). David seems stern and ready, contemplating his forthcoming battle with the Goliath (alternatively, he may be thinking “where the hell did I forget my underwear?”). There’s more to the gallery then David though – paintings by various Florentine artists from 13-16th centuries, a sculpture gallery of mostly female nudes and busts, and an absolutely awesome musical instrument hall with the 16th century Stradivari violins!