Italy: Florence – Florence Cathedral (Duomo)

Nothing floors you to the ground as much as the beauty of the stunning Florence Duomo (Cathedral). The cathedral was built between 1296 and 1426 and is surreal with its white marble with green and pink incrustations all over and the elaborate facade. When built, it was one of the largest cathedrals in the world and its dome remains the largest brick dome on the planet. The are multiple things to do around the Duomo that would likely occupy a day or two for a normal human (much less in my case). You can enter the cathedral itself after a long line but it’s rather underwhelming inside. You can also go into the Crypt beneath which has some interesting archaeological exhibits. Across from Duomo is the the Duomo Museum, which has a lot of historical exhibits as well. Baptistery of St John is a separate building in front of the cathedral with absolutely surreal painted dome ceiling. And then there is the Bell Tower and the Duomo Dome itself which are two separate destinations all in themselves (next posts).