Japan/Hokkaido: Japanese Hokkaido Food Recap

And the last and final post from Japan. I think I discovered the secret of the Japanese cuisine – everything is raw and uncooked and no saturated fats and you can eat non-stop and not get fat. On top of all the kaisendon sashimi rice bowl, I managed to try plenty of other local Hokkaido delicacies – it’s a super post of 60 pictures and I tried to write down all the names below. Things that stood out – whale sashimi and whale bacon (blubber) sashimi made from pilot whales (purely from a shock factor as the taste was rather average), giant Hokkaido octopus sashimi, uni aka sea urchin over and over and over, same with ikura aka salmon caviar, whelks and clams. A specialty of Lake Akan were the crayfish, while in Kushiro it was the hearth grilled fish and shellfish, and on the west coast down south it was the soba noodles with herring. Oh and the hairy crab’s tail! And finally – squid – killed live in front of you and eaten raw with everything down to the eyes and it’s still moving in your chopsticks!