Japan/Honshu: Nokkedon in Aomori

As if this trip was trip in gastronomic experiences that are truly out of this world, Aomori and its world-famous Nokkedon Fuomori market delivered another gem. It’s not really a market but rather a “make your own ultimate fish rice bowl” experience. You buy a packages of tickets – either 5 or 10 – and then get a bowl with rice. Then you walk around the marketplace and pick what you want on top of your rice – it’s all sold in small topping sizes and costs between 1-3 tickets per topping. Salmon, tuna, toro of both of the above, mackerel, octopus, crab, salmon roe, herring and flying fish roe, sea urchin, scallops, oysters, surf clams, shrimp – everything is raw and super fresh and every seller competing with the best looking offering. Naturally I bought 10 tickets but then quickly decided it wasn’t enough and loaded up with 5 more to end up with a Nokkedon that was just bursting with raw sashimi!