Kenya: Solio Reserve – Game Drives & Birds

Solo is all about rhinos, but there’s plenty of other wildlife to see here, and several species that are not so common in other places. Like the reticulate giraffes, a subspecies of giraffes with absolutely distinct color patterns. Or the Beisa oryx, an absolutely stunning large antelope, very timid and skittish, also with stunning colors, as if they are wearing masks. Plenty of zebras, waterbucks, impala. Two more mammal species here that I’ve never haven’t seen before – coypu (a species of large water rat or nutria), and African golden cat (no pictures of him, but clear view of him crossing the road and then sitting in the bushes and staring at us). Besides rhinos and game, there’s some good bird watching to be had at Solio Preserve. With the view of Mount Kenya within just miles and the elevation of over 6000 feet, this is a completely different ecosystem then Masai Mara or Serengeti, and hence the bird variety and species is different as well.