Kiritimati: Giant Clam Garden Snorkel

Not far from the Cook Islet there is a wide channel where the water rushes in and out of the Kiritimati lagoon with tides. But if you time it right and come at the time is the lowest tide and still water, you can snorkel above an incredible coral reef packed with giant clams – a true giant clam garden. Giant clams are known for their massive size and vibrant colors. They are known for their strikingly beautiful appearance, with a variety of vibrant colors and patterns on their shells. They are filter feeders and live in symbiotic relationships with algae called zooxanthellae, which live in their tissues and provide them with nutrients through photosynthesis. Giant clams are among the largest bivalve mollusks in the world, with some species reaching lengths of over 1 m (3 ft) and weights exceeding 200 kg (440 lb). As you snorkel above them – there are dozens and dozens of different colors, plus tons of colorful tropical fish and healthy coral, a truly amazing snorkel experience in an absolutely pristine environment.