Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyz Food Recap

And now a recap of Kyrgyz food: lamb shashlyks, fresh greens, stuffed peppers, plov (red rice+lamb+yellow carrot), shorpo soup (boiled lamb+potato+pepper), langhman (noodles+beef), manty (large dumplings), ashliam fu (noodles+starch+spices, eaten cold), beshbarmak (large flat noodles in broth+horse meat, eaten with fingers), and smooth Kyrgyz cognac. Kyrgyz cuisine bears some similarities to its northern Kazakh neighbor, but also has influence from China And Uzbekistan/Tajikistan, as well as truly unique local dishes. Chorpa mutton soups, beshbarmak with horse meat, manty, shashlyk kebabs, and achuchuk salad were delightful. Standouts were kattama (onion layered dough bread), ashiamfu (cold Dungan Chinese-style soup in Karakol), lamb manty, and Uzgen-style plov. And Kyrgyzstan has an amazing variety of vodkas!