Maldives: You & Me Island Resort

You & Me is one of the most remote (from Male) islands in Maldives, requiring a full 1hr long flight by seaplane (without stops, and longer if making stops along the way). It is located in the northern Maldives, on the Raa Atoll. Another plus – almost all the villas are over-water (99 of them), and only 10 are on land. It’s a relatively small resort compared to other – which is another plus – providing for more intimacy on your private island. Spectacular ultra white sand beaches, snorkeling just offshore, a healthy house reef a short boat ride away, 5 restaurants including one of only river underwater restaurants in the world. You & Me Resort has almost all the villas over water. Some face sunrise, other sunset, and all have direct access into the aquamarine ocean above the coral reef right from your balcony. Oh, and we had an Eagle ray swim right in front of our balcony!