Mexico/Baja Sur: Ospreys

The Vizcaino UNESCO biosphere reserve protects not only the two whale calving lagoons, but also the extensive wetlands with thousands of birds. One of the species profound here is the Western Osprey, known simply as Fishing Eagle here in Baja (which it clearly is not). Ospreys is a large raptor, 60cm (24 in) in length and 180cm (71 in) in wingspan, feeding almost exclusively in fish (a pescivore). In Baja, large osprey nests can be seen almost on every other light pole and in some areas – special wooden platforms are built for them. Ospreys are monogamous and always return back to the same nest every year. Another interesting and unique facts about ospreys – their outer toes are reversible so that they can grab the fish easier and rearrange it in flight (only owls have the same).