Mexico/Campeche: Calakmul Biosphere Reserve (Revisited)

Calakmul is one of the top and most incredible Mayan sites in the world! Not many people come here since it takes a long way to get to, as the lost city is deep in the jungle of the Calakmul Biopshere Reserve not far from the Guatemala border, nearly 100km from nearest settlement. Calakmul was the capital of the Kingdom of the Snake and had a population over over 50,000 at its zenith and was one of the most powerful Mayan kingdoms in history. There are nearly 7000 ancient structures here, most prominent of which are the pyramids. The highest Mayan pyramid is here, reaching 45 m (148 ft) high – named Structure 2 (only Tical has a slightly higher temple, albeit not a pyramid and not climbable). Its base measures 120 sq m (390 sq ft) square and stands over 45 m (148 ft) high. This massive pyramid actually has another pyramid inside it. It’s a long slog to climb to the top but once there you can see the green jungle for miles and miles in all directions. Calakmul is not only an archaeological site, it’s a biosphere reserve with tons of wildlife and birdlife! It’s an incredible site, especially since you are most likely enjoying this site all to yourself.