Mexico/Chiapas: Palenque – Aluxes Ecopark

Right next door to the Palenque archaeological park is the wildlife park named Aluxes. It’s not a zoo and not a true reserve – the park is dedicated to rearing and saving animals that are either injured, lost habitat, or otherwise endangered due to deforestation. 10,000 trees were planted here to recreate and preserve the original jungle environment. Almost all the wildlife presented here is endemic for the local jungles and thus it is an awesome change to see these animals and birds, often absolutely elusive in the wild, upclose and personal. Among the animal species you get here are jaguars, black puma, dwarf jaguars, ocelots, coati, tapir, deer spider monkeys, howler monkey, kinkajou, otter peccaries, crocodiles, caymans, turtles, manatees, iguanas, basilisk lizards, and much more. And plenty of birdlife as well – flamingos, macaws, parakeets, toucans, hummingbirds, wood storks, and other.