Mexico/Chiapas: Palenque Ruins

The archeological Mayan site of Palenque rivals Chichenitza and Uxmal as the most impressive Mayan ruins city, it fact it probably blows them away. Surrounded by jungle, Palenque dates back to the 226 BC, and flourishing around the 7th century, before declining and being abandoned after 799. The city got completely overgrown by jungle and only discovered in 1774. It’s estimated that only 10% of the city has been unearthed, and the tablets with inscription found here have a very detailed description of the entire history of Palenque, almost year by year – a recorded history that has helped researchers understand the Mayan civilization. The site is truly impressive and amazing, especially in the morning mist and early sun, with monkeys screaming and parrots flying around. The two main structures at Palenque are Temple of the Inscriptions and Temple of the Crosses, but there are also many smaller temples, plazas and various other structures. Palenque is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.