Mexico: Jesus Figures in Mexican Churches

This is a compilation post of mostly Mexican colonial heartland and many (so many!) colonial churches. Catholicism played an omni-powerful role in Mexican history, first used by the Spanish to convert and subjugate the indigenous population and then a sole allowed religion and part of government. Basically, the Catholic Church ruled Mexico until and well after the independence, only somewhat relaxing the grip in the 20th century. The Mexican churches are unlike any you would see in Europe – overloaded to the max with wax or plaster or wooden figures and figurines of various biblical scenes, and saints, and so on – but more then anything else – figures of crucified, tortured, bleeding, exhausted, suffering, wounded, dying Jesus. Some churches had dozen or more of this figures – standing, sitting, lying, and mostly just nailed to the cross. Plus, there were so many various baby jesuses or some other baby saints and related figures, also bleeding and dying. Nothing like imagery of pain and suffering and torture to inspire reverence and faith..