Micronesia: Kosrae – Hiking through jungle to Menke Ruins

This is a rather large post of 60 pic. The hike to the Menke Ruins deep in the heart of the Kosrae island’s jungle was by far the most spectacular adventure so far on this trip. The jungle was pristine and amazing, including endemic flora and fauna, on 2-hour hike to prehistoric ruins. While the ruins are quite minimal – a few mounds and basalt walls (dating to the pre-European times when people worshiped the goddess of breadfruit) – the nature on the way there and back was beyond insane. Massive ka trees (found only here and nowhere else on earth) towering above you, otherworldly rainbow trees (next post), fern trees, and massive wild taro plants with leaves triple the size of me! But it was also a culinary adventure – wild mango (smaller and more bitter), wild tangerines (gazillion times sweeter), jungle apples (red cherry-like berries growing from tree trunks), wild coconuts (drink the water, scoop the flesh), wild limes (bright yellow and almost orange-like in taste), some sort of nuts, and finally three types of wild ginger! Also if you are thirsty – cut a trunk of a liana and the water pours out. I was stuffed! Why watch Anthony Bourdain if you could follow me?