Netherlands: ‘s-Hertogenbosch – St. John’s Cathedral

The city with unpronounceable name of ‘s-Hertogenbosch has one big attraction going for it – the St. John’s Cathedral aka Sint-Janskathedraal. The cathedral represents the height of the Gothic architecture in Netherlands and even broader Western Europe as its absolutely stunning and mind blowing in its scale and decorations. Originally built in 1220, most of the gothic feature were added starting in 1340 and on until 1525 when it was finally finished. The cathedral is massive – 115 m (377 ft) long by 62 m (203 ft) wide and the tower is 73 m (240 ft) high. The exterior is Bey richly sculpted with statues and gargoyles and the like. Equally, the interior is just plain insane – floors are carved with plates, angels and saints everywhere, soaring columns and ceilings, windows and so on. Personally, I think it is one of the top 3 most stunning cathedrals in Europe, and not even a UNESCO site. Yet?