Norfolk Island: Norfolk Island National Park

Norfolk Island National Park covers a large chunk of the island (6.5 sq km while the entire island is only 34 sq km). It protects a lot of fauna and flora species that are extremely rare and found nowhere on earth. Many hiking trails criss cross the preserve climbing as high as Mt Pitt (the highest point on the island) and steeply descending to the ocean. Hiking around here is a total jungle experience with massive trees rising above your head and creating impenetrable canopy, Norfolk pine and Norfolk ferns grow in abundance, as well as insular flowers and vines. And I did see several endemic birds. Many plant species that once flourished on the island, but went near extinct and survived only on the offshore islets, were re-introduced and now doing well at the Botanic Gardens. several endemic bird species can be seen here – the famous Norfolk Green Parrot (saw it in flight), Norfolk Gerygone, Norfolk Golden Whistler, Norfolk Robin, Grey Fantail, Emerald Dove, and more.