Norway: Kjeasen Farm

Kjeasen Farm is a mountain farm high above the Eidfjord and the panoramas opening up from here are absolutely insane. The farm is known as “the world’s most inaccessible farm”. Just getting up here is an adventure, as it is accessible by a crazy road, a 5km one lane track that involves a 3km one lane tunnel without any lighting. The tunnel operates on a half hour basis – every half hour it’s open only one way. The farm lies at elevation of 513 m (1,683 ft) above the level of the fjord. From the time of the farm appearance in 1650, for centuries it required an extremely strenuous hike up and down, before the cable car was built in 1930 to lift food and supplies and eventually the road and tunnel came around in 2010. The farm today is more of a museum than a functional farm, although people still live here. But it’s the views of the fjord far down below that you should come here for – standing on the edge of the vertical cliffs with the narrow walls of the fjord below is truly priceless.