Norway: Trolltunga – Epic Hike Revisited

We got lucky with a perfect sunny day, which is a rarity in Norway in the early summer. The trail was 95% covered with snow and it actually wasn’t that crowded this early in the season (just as recent as 2010 only 800 people hiked this very demanding trail, but social media spread the word and and now the number is over 100,000) 23km round trip with never-ending knee-destroying up and down and sliding on snow. The terrain is super spectacular with glacial carved valleys, fjords down below underneath vertical cliffs, waterfalls running everywhere, and surreal lakes at the bottom of the abyss. At the end of the strenuous hike – Trolltunga or Troll’s Tongue – a rock ledge sticking out from the cliff edge and hanging precipitously 2300 vertical feet or 710 meters above the fjord waters below. And that’s where the proposal happened! PS. And on the way back we saw rock ptarmigans, quite a rare sighting.