Norway: Porcini Mushroom Picking in Norway

Driving across the central Norway on the way to fjords, you go through endless expanse of boreal Norwegian forests. The temptation to stop and check out of there were any mushrooms finally won over and we made a brief 15 minute stop. Just 15 minutes? And it was a total mushroom paradise with dozens of porcini (aka Ling Bolete or Boletus edulis) – the choicest mushroom of the Nordic forests – everywhere. Several other mushroom species as well – red-capped scaber stalk (aka Podosinovik or Leccinum vulpinum, velvet bolete (aka Mohovik or Suillus variegatus), slippery jacks (aka Maslyonok or Suillus luteus), brown birch bolete mushroom (aka Podberiozovik or Leccinum scabrum), and many others.