Oman: Amouage Perfume Factory

Oman is a country whose historical riches and achievements mostly revolve around trade in frankincense and myrrh. So it’s no wonder that smells and perfume industry would be on a high pedestal here as well. Amouage is one of the top luxury perfume brands globally, sold in over 1000 upscale stores in 80 countries all over the world. The perfume factory and company were established in 1983 on the direct order of Sultan Qaboos to create the most luxury and finest perfumes, “the gift of kings”. Amouage perfume recipes draw on the deep history of Arabic perfumes, using only the cream of the crop top natural ingredients, and passing through a meticulous and lengthy testing and preparation process. Amouage’s brands include Gold, Jubilation, Epic, Dia, Reflection, Honour, and other. And here in Oman, on the outskirts of Muscat, you can go a on free tour of the factory, see how ingredients are selected and blended and see and smell the entire product range.