Peru: Lake Titicaca – Tequile Island

Tequile Island is one of the largest islands in the middle of the massive Lake Titicaca, and is 1.5-3 hours by boat, depending if you go by a regular or speed boat. Exploring the island requires hiking from the landing spot to the center of the island at its highest point with panoramic views – not an easy thing to do since the island is roughly at around 13,000 feet in elevation above the sea level so every step is a tremendous effort. Tequile has about 2000 people living here and is famous for its textiles (in fact, it’s recognized by UNESCO as a cultural site for it). Weaving is only done by males here, who start doing it from the early age, and the resulting alpaca wool products are considered the finest (and most expensive) in the whole Peru. You can also try the traditional grilled trucha (trout) here, freshly caught in Titicaca.