Peru: Peruvian Food Recap

And the last and final post from Peru – recap of the fantastic Peruvian food. The Pacific Ocean, the Amazon jungle, and the high Andes create enormous food variety and unique combinations of truly amazing dishes (in fact, the current world’s top-50 restaurants feature 3 Peruvian ones!). Peruvian ceviche is world-famous, incorporating corn and potatoes in it. Peru is the birthplace of potatoes (and surprisingly not Belarus) and there are over 2000 potato varieties here. Then there is of course guinea pig (cuy), alpaca meat, quinoa (also born in Peru), trout, and corn. A lot of corn of all shapes and sizes and colors. Drinks are equally diverse – pisco, pisco sour, chilcano. Coca leaves are used for chewing, tea infusion, coca beer, coca creme brûlée, coca drinks. Peru is worth coming just for gastronomy alone!