Peru: Tambopata Reserve – Night Walks in the Jungle

Night walks in the jungle are absolutely awesome! You can’t expect to find big wildlife like jaguars or tapirs, but insects, and snakes, and frogs of all shapes and sizes come out in droves. Three consecutive nights of hiking with flashlights yielded tons of interesting stuff – giant black tarantulas, scorpions glowing in the ultraviolet light, colorful snakes (both harmless and venomous), super-venomous jumping spiders (bites are likely deadly), armies of leafcutter ants at work, tree frogs, poisonous dart frogs, palm-sized stick insects, mushrooms (including fluorescent ones), giant grasshoppers, super camouflaged frogs and so much more! Some people think of Machu Pichu or some churches as the ultimate in travel destinations and goals, but night in the jungle that in my opinion anytime!