Philippines: Philippines Food Recap – North & West

Philippines cuisines surprisingly very much resembles a bizarre mix of Mexican and Chinese with an American fast food topping (from various periods of pre- and post-colonial influences). Spanish names stuck with most of the traditional dishes – lechon (suckling pig), adobo (meat stew), longganisa (sausages), tortas (omelettes), kare-kare (ox tail), arroz (rice) and so on. Adobo is considered the Philippines national dish – pork or chicken, or usually both, stewed in a sauce made from vinegar. Bagnet – crispy pork belly – was super delicious, although super unhealthy. Sisig – roasted of pork belly and intestines chunks – also heart-attack inducing. Beef bulalo soup was fantastic, with a large veal shank in it. Finally, plenty of great seafood and weird colored purple ice-cream.