Romania: Alba lulia – Alba Carolina Citadel

Alba lulia town looks like an elaborate star from the air. The town core is essentially the 18th century Hapsburg’s-built fortress, Alba Carolina Citadel. The fortress’s shape is a classic example of Vauban military architecture, considered the jewel of building fortifications that were totally impregnable at the time. The town of Alba lulia itself has ancient historic and military roots – this was known as Apumul in the Roman times and was a fort, where Legio XIII Gemina (an elite unit of Julius Caesar’s army) was stationed at the outskirts of the empire. The fortress is still absolutely intact and impressive both from outside and inside. Once within the walls – there are plenty of other things to see: two cathedrals (Catholic and Rumanian Orthodox), the Princely Palace, Roman ruins, and loads of monuments.