Romania: Fagaras NP – Brown Bears

As we drove north and up into the Fagaras Mountain via one of the most spectacular drives in the world – Transfagarasan Highway (coming in the next post), our phones buzzed with an emergency alert: “bears sighted on the road” (it was in Romanina so it required some google translating). 20 minutes later it came true – a large European brown bear was literally sitting by the side of the road, creating a massive traffic jam. A massive animals weighing on average between 250 and 300 kilograms (550 and 660 lb), this beat is no longer common in Europe, except, I guess, here in the Fagaras Mountains. He or she didn’t seem threatened at all by the cars or people and was rather inquisitive. Despite being viewed as a fierce carnivore, the European brown bear’s diet is only 10% meat.