Senegal: Djoudj National Park

Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary or National Park is one of the top wildlife parks in the whole world – hundreds of thousands of birds either winter here or stop before or after their long flight across the Sahara Desert. The park covers extensive wetlands at the mouth of the Senegal River and has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List for a long time for its immense biodiversity. It’s truly a sight to see – 1.5 million birds come here – ducks in hundreds of thousands, pelicans in massive numbers (separate, next post #30), as well as other birds – Egyptian geese, darters, cormorants, sea eagles, and many many more – over 300 species. There are also warthogs, super giant monitor lizards, pythons, crocodiles. But it’s mostly a Mecca for birders – the sky is literally dark with them!