Slovakia: Kosice – Old Town

Kocise dates back to 1230 and it’s old town is a total jewel and very easy to explore – absolutely everything is located along just one street – Hlavna Ulica aka Main Street. All the main attraction are located literally in the middle of the street – St Elisabeth Cathedral, Urban’s Tower, and St. Michael’s Chapel, neo-baroque opera house of the State Theater, and the Immaculata Plague Pillar from the 1720s. The rest of the historic buildings and attractions line up the sides of the main street – Levocsky Dom (Slovakia’s oldest inn from 18th century), beautiful Art Nouveau Beggar’s House from 19th century, Old Town Halls with sculptures on the roof from 1780, neo-Renaissance Andrassy Palace aka Kosice Gold Treasury, early-Baroque Church of the Holy Trinity from the 16th century, Art Nouveau coffeehouse Slavia, and several more palaces – totally jam-packed together!