Socotra: Homhill Protected Area

And just when you think you can’t get more amazed by Socotra then you already are comes a next site that blow everything you’ve seen so far out of the water – Homhill Protected Area. This is a hike on the central mountains of Socotra, a plateau that is absolutely out of this world! Everything is here – dragon blood trees, blooming bottle trees, sharp limestone cliffs and ledges, canyon with running spring water, panoramic views, exotic desert flora, and so of and so forth. You have to constantly pinch yourself that this is not a dream! And then you get to the Infinity Pool. At the end of the hike along the stream is a natural infinity pool at the very edge of the escarpment plateau. The sheer rock wall drops from here down over a thousand feet toward the lowlands and the ocean. The entire area and the emerald infinity pool in particular is perhaps one of the most stunning natural spots in the world – adorned with bizarre Socotran flora of bottle trees and dragon blood trees that grow on craggy and spiky limestone cliffs. The last part of the hike is along the stream, as you are hopping on massive boulders. And for the best panoramas – it’s worth climbing the rocks. And the final part of the hike is a steep descent along the plateau wall.