Socotra: Irsel Peninsula

Irsel peninsula is the easternmost tip of Socotra where the water of the Indian Ocean meet the Arabian Sea. It’s windswept vistas are panoramic and beautiful, the beaches are sparkling white, and the shallow reef areas give the water every possible hue of blue and aquamarine. There are no villages here and the road leading here are rough single track sand and gravel tracks – but it’s wild nature at its purest and most spectacular. The flora is interesting as well – as many of the plant species are small succulents able to withstand strong winds and capture moisture just from fog. We also found some whale bones and did some quick fishing – throw a line into the ocean and catch some fresh grouper. Easy, breezy, beautiful! At the very far tip of the Irsel Peninsula, a headland marks the spot where the Indian Ocean on the right meets the Arabian Sea on the left. There is a small bay nearby, full of colorful fishing boats, but there’s no village or settlement anywhere near.