Socotra: Arher Beach – Camping

Wow, what an incredible place – Arher Beach! We arrived around sunset amidst a spectacular setting of the imposing mountains, white sand dunes, and a mountain stream running into the ocean with a perfect beach. Full moon painting the ocean yellow – a perfect setting for a camp and some freshly caught fish dinner! The beach itself is long and covered with fine ultra white sand, with some rocky outcrops sticking into the water and crabs everywhere (in fact there are portions of the beach known as “crab cities”, dotted with little crab-made sand hills). Fish is easy to catch just in front of your tent with a simple fishing line. In the morning, the first rays of sun light up the tent and the vertical mountains and massive white sand dunes just behind you. Camping, beach, sand dunes, caves, mountains, freshwater streams, fishing, sun – there’s absolutely everything here in one incredible place on Earth!