Tristan da Cunha: Edinburgh of the Seven Seas

Edinburgh of the Seven Seas is the capital and the only settlement on Tristan da Cunha, home to around 250 people, mostly descendants of British and Dutch sailors. The settlement named after Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, who visited the island in 1867. There is not air connection with Tristan, and the only way of getting here (or for supplies to arrive) is by a 7 day journey from Cape Town by ship. The isolation and unique geography of the island have contributed to the preservation of its distinct culture and way of life. The residents are mostly engaged in activities like farming, fishing (lobster), and handicrafts. We spend nearly two and a half days in front of the town, hoping to land and explore, but the swell was atrocious and landing on this part of the island was ruled out (we did land later in a different spot – stay tuned). Apparently, the probability of a successful landing on Tristan hovers around 30%.