Tuamotu/Tikehau: Bird Island

Tikehau Island is an oval-shaped coral atol and in the middle of the atoll is a small coral island known as the Bird Island, aka Ile Aux Oiseaux. This tiny islet is the breeding location for several marine bird species that can be seen (and even touched) at a very close range. Nine species are here, and most spectacular and numerous are black and brown noddies. The most beautiful are angelic-looking white terns. And finally the island is an awesome place to see two species of boobies – red-footed boobies and brown boobies (and by now I have seen all six species of bobbies in the world). Many of the birds had small chicks, like the ultra-white and furry white turns or funny looking baby bobbies. (Yes, I realize I wrote “boobies” 5 times in his post), but the Island was truly “boobielicious”).