Turkey: Adana – Exploring the City

Besides the massive Adana Mosque, there are tons of other awesome sites – the town is one of the oldest in the world and dates back thousands of years to the ancient Hittites. First, there’s the Ponte Sarum aka Taskopru, a stone bridge spanning the Seyhan River. It is the oldest operational bridge in the world, built around 120-135 AD by the Romans. The bridge was a key link in ancient trade routes from the Mediterranean to Anatolia and Persia. The bridge has a length of 310 meters and has 21 arches with 15 primary arches and 6 smaller relieving arches. The bridge is now closed to auto traffic but pedestrians still strong over it, with perfect views opening up in all directions. Deeper into the city center, there’s an absolutely stunning Ulu Camii or Great Mosque with amazing mosaic. Also nearby is Buyuk Saat, a historic clock tower at a height of 32m, it is also the tallest clock tower in Turkey. Adana markets are full of authentic merchandise and also a good place to try the famous Adana kebabs.