Turkey: Adana – Sabancı Merkez Mosque

Sabancı Merkez Mosque in Adana is the third or second (depends on what goes into calculation) largest mosque in Turkey. With classic Ottoman-style architecture it’s similar to the historic Selimiye Mosque in Edirne (although it has six minarets, similar to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul). Sabanci Mosque was built in 1998 on a total of 52,600 square meters of land and has a closed area of 6,600 square meters, and can accommodate 28,000 worshipers. The mosque opened in 1998 and is often views a symbol of the city with its stunning architecture and its strategic location near the river and main bridges connecting Adana to the surrounding provinces. The mosque’s six minarets are spectacular – four of them rise to the the height of 99m and the smaller two to 75m. The interior is stunning as well – with calligraphy and elaborate paintings patterns and tilework. Tons of viewpoints to photograph the mosque, as it is surrounded by vast parks and riverfront.